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This feature automatically configures your email client to access your cPanel email address(es). An email client allows you to access your email account from an application on your computer. Outlook® Express and Apple® Mail are examples of email clients. To access this feature, click the More button corresponding to the appropriate email account.

note Note: You must already have an email client installed on your computer in order to automatically configure it using cPanel.

To configure your mail client:

  1. Select and download the appropriate configuration file from the list.
  2. Run the script file to automatically configure a mail client for the selected address.

When completed properly, your email client should open automatically and log into your email account(s).

note Note: If you wish to use an email client that is not listed in this interface, you will need to manually configure it. For more information on how to manually configure an email client, review the documentation of the client you wish to use. Documentation can generally be found on the client's website.


Notes about email client configuration

If you have an installed non-wildcard SSL certificate which matches your hostname, the name of your server will match your hostname. For example, if your hostname is and your SSL certificate matches your hostname, your server would be named

If your SSL certificate is a wildcard SSL, the name of your server will also match any subdomains which correspond to the hostname's domain. For example, an SSL certificate for * would be valid for and

If you do not have an SSL certificate installed, the server will use the mail subdomain of your domain. For example, Also, the server will be named if your certificate does not match your hostname.

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